Real-time threat protection

We protect your company against targeted and persistent attacks,
using technologies such as Machine Learning and Behavior Analysis.

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In order to help your company to control and manage the privacy of your data, we offer the best cost-benefit solutions of the brazilian market.

Antispam Appliance

Antispam Appliance

Avoid over 99% of unwanted and malicious emails with our corporate antispam and email gateway.

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Antispam Cloud

Antispam Cloud

Protect your cloud email services with all the functionalities of a corporate antispam.

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Web Filter

Web Filter

Control your company’s internet traffic with maximun produtcivity and safety with our web proxy.

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HSC exclusive technologies

We use a cloud sandbox to detect threats by running behavior analisys on files and links received by email.

The email is received

MailInspector intercepts the messages before they get to the mail server so it can analyze them through its protection engines. The same way, it filters emails sent out of your domain, applying compliance rules.

28 layers of protection

When someone sends an email to a domain protected by MailInspector, it goes through 28 layers of filtering that analyze it from the connection layer to the message content on the search for possible threats.

Smart Defender Cloud

Mail Inspector sends IP adresses, URLs and attachments to Smart Defender analysis in a separate cloud. Where it simulates users actions and block possible threats in real time.

Global knowledge base

When Smart Defender detects a new threat, it updates its global knowledge base in real time. This way, all the users globally connected get protected in less than 60 seconds.

Parceira Tecnológica da F-Secure

We combine our Smart Defender with F-Secure’s technology to protect your company from Advanced Persistent Threats.

Protect your company

The best cost-benefit in digital security for your company

24/7 Support

HSC provides support 24 hours, 7 days a week, to protect your company from security risks.

Low cost

We offer F-Secure globally recognized technology with the lowest cost in the market.

Support in Portuguese

Contact our support engineers through our ticket system, phone or email. 100% in Portuguese.

Protection against new attacks

We use a global knowledge base to keep our customers up to date to the newest threats in less than 60 seconds.

Simple user interface for a better control of your data control and navigation traffic.

Our easy-to-use interface make it easier for administrators to combat attacks conducted by cybercriminals every day.

How may we help you?

We are here to protect your company and work on the best solution for the security of your data. Contact HSC Brasil and learn how to avoid attacks and ransomware.

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